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Household solar power generation system

2015/11/20      view:
Solar power generation system consists of solar cells, solar controller, battery (Group). Such as the output power for the exchange of 220V or 110V, also need to configure the inverter.
Solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system, the role of solar panels is to convert the solar energy into electricity, the output DC power into the storage battery. Solar panel is one of the most important parts of the solar power generation system. The conversion rate and service life are the important factors to determine whether the solar cell has the use value. Component design: according to the requirements of the International Electrical Commission IEC:1215:1993 standard design, the use of 36 or 72 polysilicon solar cells to form a series of 12V and 24V of various types of components. The module can be used for a variety of household photovoltaic systems, stand-alone photovoltaic power plants and grid connected photovoltaic power plants, etc..
Solar panels
Raw material features: battery chip: the use of high efficiency (16.5%) of the single crystal silicon solar panels, to ensure that the solar panel power generation. Glass: the low iron tempered Velour glass (also known as clear glass), thickness of 3.2mm, in the wavelength range of solar cell spectral response (320-1100nm) pervious to light rate was 91%, for more than 1200 nm infrared light with high reflectivity. This glass and solar radiation ability of UV light, light transmittance is not decreased. EVA: the with the thickness of the anti UV agent, antioxidant and curing agent is 0.78 quality EVA film as solar battery sealant and glass, TPT between coupling agent. With high transmittance and anti ageing ability. TPT: the back cover of the solar cell is white, and the reflection of the sun, so the efficiency of the component is slightly improved, and because of its high infrared emissivity, it can also reduce the working temperature of the components, but also can improve the efficiency of the components. Of course, this fluorine plastic film first has the basic requirements of the solar cell packaging materials required for aging, corrosion resistance, and other basic requirements. Border: the use of aluminum alloy frame with high strength, strong resistance to mechanical impact. Is also the most valuable part of the solar power system. The function is to convert the radiation of the sun to the electric energy, or to store it in a storage battery, or to drive the load to work.
Solar controller
Solar controller is made up of special processor CPU, electronic components, display, switching power tube, etc..
Main features:
1, the use of single-chip microcomputer and special software, to achieve the intelligent control;
2, the use of battery discharge rate characteristics correction of accurate discharge control. The discharge end voltage is the control point, which is modified by the discharge rate curve, eliminating the uncertainty of the pure voltage control, which is in accordance with the inherent characteristics of the battery.
3, with over charge, over discharge, short circuit, overload protection, unique anti - protection, and so on the full automatic control; the above protection are not damaged any parts, not burning insurance;
4, using the series PWM main circuit of the charging device, the charging circuit voltage loss compared with the charging circuit of the diode cut nearly in half, charging efficiency compared with non PWM high 3% - 6%, increase the power of the time; over discharge recovery charge, normal recharge, float automatic control mode makes the system by the longer service life; at the same time with high precision temperature compensation;
5, the intuitive LED light tube to indicate the current battery status, so that users understand the use of the situation;
6, all control of all the use of industrial grade chip (only with I industrial grade controller), can be in the cold, high temperature, wet environment running freely. At the same time, the use of the crystal timing control, precise timing control.
7, cancel the potentiometer adjustment control set point, and the use of the E side memory records each work control point, so that set up the digital, eliminating the error caused by the potentiometer, temperature drift, etc., to reduce the accuracy and reliability of the control point;
8, using the digital LED display and settings, a button operation can complete all the settings, the use of extremely easy and intuitive role is to control the whole system of work, and the battery has played a role in the protection of over charge, over discharge protection. In the larger temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional features such as optical switch, when the switch should be optional controller;
The role of the battery is to store the energy of the solar cell board when the light shines, and then release it when needed. Solar cell
'battery' in solar photovoltaic power generation applications, the main use of lead-acid battery maintenance, ordinary lead-acid batteries, gel batteries and alkaline nickel cadmium batteries. The main use of solar energy storage battery is: lead-acid maintenance free storage battery and battery, the two types of batteries, because of its inherent "free" maintenance characteristics and the characteristics of less pollution, it is suitable for the performance of the solar power system, especially unattended workstations.
The direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. To provide electric energy to the electrical energy of the 220VAC, it is required to convert the DC power of the solar power generation system to the AC power, so the DC-AC inverter is needed.