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Strong push industry mergers and acquisitions to enhance the level of China's photovoltaic industry

2015/11/20      view:
45 period, in order to accelerate the construction of energy reform, China will greatly increase the proportion of renewable energy in the energy production and consumption, which photovoltaic power generation installed target is expected to continue to increase.
Recently awarded Jing Qian, vice president of the first photovoltaic leader certification of crystal Branch Energy said this: "through the scale development promote sustained cost reduction as soon as possible to achieve photovoltaic parity user side Internet, improving the service system of photovoltaic industry, we to 45 installed target completion of full of confidence. At the same time, the further improvement of photovoltaic policy and supporting measures is also conducive to solve the problem of the troubled industry has long abandoned, subsidies, tax and other issues."
In the industry form of innovation, through the past 3 years ~5 industry reshuffle adjustment and the country to guide the integration of mergers and acquisitions, photovoltaic manufacturing industry has initially formed to the advantages of enterprises as a leader, small and medium enterprises to support the industry pattern, the future of this situation will further evolution. Large enterprises through technological advantages, management advantages, brand advantage and capital advantage for small and medium enterprises to provide development space and cooperation opportunities, small and medium enterprises in which to find a good reasonable positioning, play their own professional strengths and large enterprises in the special field to form a co development and cooperation and win-win new pattern of industry.
The most intuitive fact is that in the past 10 years, China's photovoltaic industry in the economies of scale and the innovation of science and technology, two wheeled drive and costs rapidly reduce. Over the past few years, the global industry reshuffle not only did not weaken the competitiveness of China's photovoltaic industry, but to enhance its position in the industry, many outstanding enterprises through innovation and change to further enhance and consolidate the leading position.
National "45" Planning Committee of experts, Zhou Dadi said that scientific and technological innovation to promote technological progress, improve energy efficiency, do a good job of energy conservation, in order to promote the low total energy levels to increase to support the high-speed economic growth. At the same time, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and photovoltaic and other non fossil energy is possible to achieve a high proportion of development.
In the recently held the 7th China (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference and Exhibition CREC2015, Xi'an longI silicon materials Co., Ltd. chairman Zhongbao Shenshui: "improve battery efficiency of the future will still be photovoltaic industry, the core of innovation." He said that the core of the cost of solar power is to improve the efficiency of the battery, which is the core of the photovoltaic industry has been competing. At this point, the current focus of the market is still insufficient, so the future to improve the efficiency of the battery is still the core of the industry's innovation.
Photovoltaic power generation industry research report analysis, the photovoltaic industry is gradually improving the production and operation of the same time, still face the following questions:
(1) industrial structure is still need to optimize, battery, components, and other aspects of the industry to further improve the degree of concentration;
(2) it is a lack of technical R & D investment, the technical route is single, the new technology, the new product reserve is not;
(3) industry enterprises is the financing difficulties, heavy debt burden, bank credit limit phenomenon, the high cost of corporate finance.
Photovoltaic power industry research report analysis, it is due to the existence of the above problems, the Ministry of industry and the letter to actively promote PV companies to carry out mergers and acquisitions, enhance industrial concentration, so as to enhance the strength of enterprises, increase technology innovation investment.